Sunday, July 21, 2013

Religious Thought 287

Men who conduct themselves virtuously Are incapable of voicing harmful words, even forgetfully.
- Tirukkural 14:139

Here, O Sariputra, form is emptiness and the very emptiness is form; emptiness does not differ from form, form does not differ from emptiness; whatever is form, that is emptiness, whatever is emptiness, that is form, the same is true of feelings, perceptions, impulses, and consciousness.
- Heart Sutra

This world is full of remedies. But you have no remedy until God opens a window for you. You may not be aware of that remedy just now. In the hour of need it will be made clear to you. The Prophet said God made a remedy for every pain.
- Rumi

“There is only one person God cannot forgive. The person who refuses to come to Him for forgiveness.”

- Unknown?

While praying, listen to the words very carefully. When your heart is attentive, your entire being enters your prayer without your having to force it.
- Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

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