Sunday, May 12, 2013

Religious Thought 230

A poor devotee points to the sky and says, "God is up there." An average devotee says, "God dwells in the heart as the Inner Master." The best devotee says, "God alone is and everything I perceive is a form of God."
- Ramakrishna

The bliss of a truth-seeking life is attainable for anyone who follows the path of unselfishness. If you cling to your wealth, it is better to throw it away than let it poison your heart. But if you don't cling to it but use it wisely, then you will be a blessing to people. It's not wealth and power that enslave men but the clinging to wealth and power.
- Majjhima Nikaya

In the sight of Love, fear isn't even as great as a single hair: in the law of Love, everything is offered as a sacrifice.
- Rumi

“Faith is the first grace and the source of all the others.”

- Pope St. Clement XI

It is the same whether a man offers much or little, provided his heart is directed to Heaven.
- Mishna: Menahot

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