Sunday, July 7, 2013

Religious Thought 276

Liberation, Bondage, What are they to me? What do I care for freedom? For I have known God, The infinite Self, The witness of all things. Without, a fool. Within, free of thought. I do as I please, And only those like me Understand my ways.
- Ashtavakra Gita 14:3-4

Ordinary life and Buddhahood have no distinction. Great knowledge is not different from ignorance. Why should one seek outwardly for a treasure, when the field of the body has its own bright jewel?
- Pao-chih, "The Nonduality of Buddhahood and Ordinary Life"

“People differ greatly in the amount of anxiety and worry they can stand: some can endure a great deal without being adversely affected, while others soon show signs of strain. You should observe yourself closely, so that you understand your own powers of endurance. By this means you will learn to divest yourself before any harm is done. ”

- Razi, "Kitab al-Muluki"

“Christ came to heal the sick, not the well or self-sufficient.”

- Professor Paul Krishna

“To confess one's sins is to honor the Holy One.”

- Rabbi Joshua ben Levi, Talmud: Sanhedrin, 43b

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