Sunday, June 2, 2013

Religious Thought 254

Adversity and prosperity never cease to exist. The adornment Of great men's minds is to remain unswervingly just under both.
- Tirukkural 12:115

Contrary to what some people might believe, there is nothing wrong with having pleasures and enjoyments. What is wrong is the confused way we grasp onto these pleasures, turning them from a source of happiness into a source of pain and dissatisfaction.
- Lama Thubten Yeshe, "Introduction to Tantra"

Within tears, find a hidden laughter; seek treasure amid ruins, sincere one.
- Rumi
- Mathnawi [VI, 1586]

“Living in the light of eternity changes your priorities. This is the warmup act. This is the get-ready stage. This is the dress rehearsal before the real act begins. ”

- Rick Warren

As soon as father Abraham conceives of Judaism, the process of "Go forth" begins.
- Mendele, "Di Alte Maase"

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