Sunday, June 9, 2013

Religious Thought 262

Here our selfless desires are hidden by selfish ones. They are real, but they are covered by what is false. Therefore whoever of our own departs from this life, not one can ever be brought back before our eyes. But all those we love, alive or departed, and all things we desire but do not have, are found when we enter that space within the heart; for there abide all desires that are true, though covered by what is false.
- Chandogya Upanishad

Considering the harm others do to you As created by your former deeds, do not anger. Act such that further suffering will not be created And your own faults will disappear.
- Nagarjuna, "Precious Garland"

“O You who seek God, know this: We are the mirrors of God, the absolute Truth. Come into this tavern of ruin, O clever one; drink of this cup and see our purity. ”

- Nur Ali Shah, Masters of the Path

“It is safe to tell the pure in heart that they shall see God, for only the pure in heart want to. ”

- C.S. Lewis

One should transfer the finest furniture and beds to the sukkah, eat and drink in the sukkah, and study in the sukkah.
- Babylonian Talmud, Sukkot 28b

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